Donec Libero

So another from my very old photos, also over 2 years old. It was interesting to blend this one, as it was so easy, just replacing the sky and it was done :) I just love the colors in this one.. and also the soft fog around the horizon.

Pretty Girl

I really need some new photos. Editing the same stuff over and over is just not fun. You need to switch between editing and taking photos, so it doesn’t get frustrating over time. I even vent so much back today, that I chosen a photo taken with my old Canon 450D for today. It’s funny that this photo is already almost two years old.


I’m not completely satisfied with this photo. And I think I could edit it more and more, and I still would not like it completely. It was just an ugly day. But it’s a great photo to try out and advance my manual blending skills, as the dynamic range was extreme. You just have to think about it, the whole foreground area had no light source at all. I’ve included a before/after comparison, to show it better.


You know.. this bridge used to be called the New Brige, and now it is again called Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising (SNP bridge for short). I don’t really understand why they changed it. As the bridge right next to it, is called the Old bridge, so it nicely made sense. It actually was changed to New Brige, because everyone called it the New Brige even when it was called the other name before.